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Your building may be affected?

Recycling collection costs for multi-family buildings are now covered throughout the province. Find out if your building qualifies and how you can benefit from these potential savings.

Your Recycling Collection Costs

BC has introduced new rules for recycling that shift the responsibility of managing discarded packaging and printed paper from homeowners and local governments to the companies that supply these materials to residents. This means multi-family buildings and Stratas across BC may now be eligible for savings in recycling collection costs. Multi-Material BC (MMBC) is a non-profit organization working on behalf of industry to manage the new recycling program. Learn more about MMBC.

Who benefits from these savings?

If your current recycling collector is an MMBC-approved service provider, your building may be eligible to receive basic recycling collection at no charge. If your recycling collector is not registered, you won’t see these savings.

One contractor for all your waste removal and recycling needs
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If you’re an Emterra customer – you’re in luck!

Emterra is an approved recycling collection service provider, so our customers are eligible to receive basic recycling services at no charge. To take advantage of these savings, make sure your building has an updated agreement with Emterra. If you’re not an Emterra customer, this is a great time to become one!

Easy recycling = more recycling!

Emterra’s Single Stream Recycling program is not only more convenient for you, but we also recycle the widest range of materials and ensure they get repurposed into new products. This reduces the amount of waste in landfills and the amount of virgin materials used in manufacturing. We maximize your recycling power!

As one of Canada’s largest owners and operators of recycling facilities, we sort and process over 500,000 tonnes of recyclable materials for use in making new products like automotive products, newsprint, fleece jackets, aluminum cans, and green, clean energy.

Complete waste management services


In addition to convenient recycling collection, Emterra also offers waste collection and disposal services. Our teams of experienced collection crews work hard to ensure you receive the best possible service for the best possible price.


Did you know that over 30% of waste in landfills is organic material that can be composted? Emterra can help you be green with our food and garden organics collection services. We also do our part to help keep your building’s organics bins as tidy and odourless as possible.

Appliances and large items

Don’t know how to get rid of your old appliances or mattresses? Residents of multi-family buildings often don’t have the means to dispose of these bulky items. We can add the convenience of on-call appliance and furniture collection to your waste collection services.

With Emterra, there’s no need to call multiple companies to meet all your waste removal and recycling needs–we cover it all!