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On International Women’s Day, Emterra Group of companies are pleased to announce their certifications as a woman-owned and a minority-owned enterprise

As women, communities and businesses around the globe gather together to celebrate International Women’s Day, Emterra Group, an organization owned and operated by women, is celebrating too. Emterra Environmental has recently been certified as a women’s business enterprise through WBE Canada.  As well, Emterra Group divisions—Emterra Environmental, Emterra Tire Recycling and Canadian Liquids Processors—have qualified for certification as a minority business enterprise through CAMSC, the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council.

“In an industry traditionally dominated by men, it’s nice to be recognized for being a woman and a minority,” says Emmie Leung, Founder and CEO of Emterra Group. “By adding these certifications to our organization’s resume, we are distinguishing ourselves from our competitors and showcasing the contributions we have made to Canada’s social fabric.”

Determined to live her life independently in a society that allowed her to be all that she could be, Ms. Leung found her own way. She started Emterra over 40 years ago after finding herself in a sink-or-swim scenario: “I was a new university graduate and I needed a job, I needed some way to support myself, I needed to survive,” recalls Ms. Leung. “When I couldn’t find someone who would take a bet on me, I took a bet on myself. I started collecting cardboard and newspaper and shipped it to paper mills who would want it. And, when I started to experience some success, I started to grow my company.”

Today, Emterra Group is a solely family-owned and operated international organization and industry-leading enterprise with four distinct divisions, 25 locations and more than 1,100 employees across Canada and in the State of Michigan.

To become certified as a women’s business enterprise through WBE Canada, Emterra Environmental went through a rigorous and stringent due diligence process to confirm that the business is owned and managed by women. On the same note, to achieve certification through CAMSC, Emterra’s Canadian divisions followed a similar process to confirm that the business is owned and controlled by members of a minority group.

The cultural landscape in Canada and around the globe is changing. Consumers, investors and employees want assurance that the organizations they partner with embrace equality and diversity in their business decisions. Being recognized for and contributing to the conversations taking place at WBE Canada and CAMSC demonstrates that Emterra is working with reputable organizations that celebrate this new social economy in Canada. Along with these new certifications, Emterra will also enjoy the benefits of having access to a pool of other certified enterprises, adding diversity to its supply chain and in return, increasing its supplier diversity network.