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Our Trucks, Your Recyclables

Recycling collection may be a new process for some residents in communities throughout BC.  In this section you will find some useful information and resources about the recycling collection process and Emterra’s specialized collection trucks.

Each week our two stream recycling trucks pick up your recyclables from your Blue Box. Our two stream trucks have two built in compartments that hold different types of recyclables. One compartment collects printed paper and the other compartment collects containers and other packaging.

A divider separates the two compartments so that there is no contamination and mixing of the two types of recyclable materials. These trucks are also called side loaders because recyclable materials are loaded from the side of the truck.

A rear view of our two stream trucks

Rear View

Even though materials are deposited into the same side of the truck, there are two separate compartments inside the body for different types of recyclable materials.

Next the driver identifies what type of material is in the Blue Box, a button is pushed so that the right materials go into the correct compartment.

The materials are then loaded by the driver into the truck’s hopper which is located on the side of the truck.

An inside look

Inside Look

After being diverted to the correct compartment, materials are then stored in the body of our trucks and delivered to a recycling facility where they are processed so that they can be reused and remanufactured into new products.

Three stream trucks

Similar to the two streams trucks, our three stream recycling trucks also have two built in compartments that hold printer paper and containers and other packaging (please see above). The only difference is that the three stream trucks also collects glass containers separately.

During curbside collection glass packaging is inserted by the driver into the orange hopper and then the equipment transfers the materials to a non-compaction compartment. Glass recyclables are then taken to the recycling facility.